Be part of it!

Be part of it!

Student Reporters

At the theatre with pencil and notepad

From primary school pupils to 'A' level students, the student reporters are out and about with their pencils, notepads and cameras. You too can be there to report first-hand on our operas and concerts or to discover facts and stories behind the scenes. We publish selected articles in our publications and you can tell your fellow pupils and students what's happening in the theatre in your school magazine or on the notice board. Interested school students, school newspaper teams or the whole class can get involved in a project.

Dates and duration by agreement.

Premiere classes

Being in at the start …
… that's something reserved for our Premiere Classes. From the concept discussions to the premiere, a whole class can follow a musical theatre production from the beginning to the end. How is a stage set created? Who makes the costumes? How do the rehearsals run and what kind of ideas does the director have? Visits to rehearsals, talks with theatre people, guided tours and much more provide an in-depth insight into the development of an opera.

The high point at the end of the 4- to 6-week rehearsal period is the joint visit to the premiere. A discussion with people involved in the performance ends the work on the production.

Dates and duration by agreement | School pupils 12 EUR (incl. tickets to the premiere)

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