Set standards!

Set standards!


Are you looking for a very special setting for your exclusive event? Theater Erfurt offers attractive premises for all sorts of events, from our VIP Lounge through the spacious three-storey foyer to the Studio or the Main Auditorium, and, as a full-service partner, will also support you in terms of technical equipment and catering. The elegant, modern setting of the theatre, which opened in 2003, is defined by its large, self-supporting winding staircase and the auditorium of the main stage set like a circular sculpture in the glass foyer. The gold-shimmering bar in the lower foyer is particularly suitable for atmospheric receptions (e.g. stand-up receptions for up to 200 people). The bar is run by the theatre's 1894 restaurant, which can also be hired and which offers a first-class catering service. As a black-box construction, the Studio offers variable seating options for up to 200 people (seats in rows). The Main Auditorium has 560 seats in the stalls and 240 seats in the circle.

In terms of technical equipment, you can make use of: beamer, overhead projector, sound system, CD player, lectern, stage elements. etc.

In addition, you can also book current event formats on the regular programme as a separate event for your company, such as the "Underground tour" (up to max. 25 people) or the "Glimpse behind the scenes".

Dates depending on programme timings. Prices and availability on request.