General Terms of Condition

The Terms of Business shall come into force with the start of selling for the 2015/16 season.

1. General provisions

1.1 Validity
The General Terms of Business of Theater Erfurt govern the legal relationship between theatre visitors and Theater Erfurt for the theatre's own events. If the theatre is hired out and for guest performances, the terms of business of the hirer or special regulations apply. For other sales outlets, the terms of business of the sales partner (e.g. MGT Verlag GmbH – Ticketshop, CTS Eventim-Ticketshop) apply.

1.2 General
The start date for reserving and buying tickets for the new season and our opening times are given in our publications. This also applies for the DomStufen Festival in Erfurt. The venues and the event box offices generally open an hour before the start of the event. Reductions must be claimed when tickets are ordered. Changes after purchase or invoicing are not possible. Access to the venues is basically only possible with a personal entrance ticket; this also applies for very young children.
Events may only be attended by
- children under the age of six
- children aged six and above, if the event ends after 8 p.m.,
- young people under the age of 16, if the event ends after 10 p.m.,
- young people aged 16 and above, if the event ends after midnight,
in the company of adults. Age limits for individual events may be defined by the theatre management. Photography and the creation of sound and/or image recordings of any type in the buildings of Theater Erfurt and other venues are not allowed for legal reasons and are basically prohibited. Violations of this ban may result in claims for compensation and have consequences under civil and criminal law. Theater Erfurt reserves the right to enforce its house rules.

1.3 Entry prices
The entry prices valid in each case are shown on the notice boards in the Visitor Service area, the event box offices and publications of Theater Erfurt and can be obtained by telephone at +49 361 22 33 155 during office hours.

1.4 Personal ticket sales
Theatre tickets can be purchased from the advance ticket offices of Theater Erfurt – entrance in Martinsgasse and Erfurt Tourist Information on Benediktsplatz – and other sales offices. After entrance tickets have been purchased, subsequent requests for reductions (and changes to receipts) are not possible, and all tickets and change given must be checked immediately.

1.5 Online ticket sales
Theatre tickets (up to four in one order) can also be purchased online on the Theater Erfurt website. A system fee of €1.50 will be charged for every ticket purchased online. Payment is made by SEPA debit mandate. Tickets at reduced prices can also be booked in this way. With online bookings that are received at least ten days before the event date, tickets can be sent out for a handling fee of €3.00 per order (for bookings from outside Germany, a period of fifteen days before the booked event date applies for the dispatch service). If bookings are made only at shorter notice, tickets will be left at the event box office for collection. Price specials and special offers cannot be booked online.

If the Print@home method is used, the ticket must be printed out in A4 format. It may not be reproduced or changed. If several versions of a Print@home ticket are presented for admission, only the ticket holder who appears first at the admission gate will be admitted. Theater Erfurt is not liable if the Print@home ticket is lost and/or misused.

1.6 Ticket sales by telephone and in writing
Tickets may be reserved from the start of ticket sales (see 1.2). They apply as provisional reservations and only become binding upon payment. When the provisional reservation is confirmed, a deadline for payment is provided. Payment may be made by transfer or SEPA debit mandate. Once the payment deadline has expired, the order is automatically cancelled. Tickets booked at short notice (five days or less before the event) are only held at the box office once prior payment has been made by SEPA debit mandate. If tickets are not collected, there is no right to any substitute payment or return of the purchase price. It is possible to have paid for tickets or vouchers sent out for a fee of €3.00. Theater Erfurt accepts no liability for tickets sent by post.

Telephone: +49 361 22 33 155 (during opening hours)
Fax: +49 361 22 33 167
Theater Erfurt app
Postal address: Theater Erfurt, Besucherservice, Postfach 800554, 99031 Erfurt

1.7 Concessions
People who are entitled to concessions are: severely disabled persons, holders of a social identity card, school pupils, apprentices, students until their 26th birthday, people undergoing Federal Voluntary Service and senior citizens on presentation of a corresponding identity card. The ID card must be presented at the theatre entrance without being requested. If a concession has been granted without entitlement, Theater Erfurt will request immediate payment of the difference. It is not possible to combine several concessions and special prices. The right to a concession may differ if the theatre is hired out or for guest performances. Disabled persons with an official pass (class "B" in the disabled person's pass) can be accompanied into the theatre's own events by a person recognised as essential free of charge. Wheelchair users and any accompanying person can only book tickets directly from our advance ticket offices or by calling +49 361 22 33 155.

1.8 Sale of vouchers
Gift vouchers can be purchased for any value (minimum €10) in the advance ticket office and on the Theater Erfurt website. If a gift voucher is purchased online, a system fee of €1.50 is payable. This voucher can be printed out immediately using the Print@home method or dispatched for a fee of €3.00. A gift voucher is valid for three years from the issue date. When theatre tickets are purchased, the gift voucher is redeemed on submission. The value of the gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. No reimbursement will be made for lost gift vouchers.

1.9 Other rules
If an event is postponed or cancelled, visitors have the choice between attending a substitute event which may be offered or asking for repayment of the ticket price. In this case, the ticket must be returned to the sales office where it was bought by no later than five working days after the event cancellation, with provision of address and bank details. No payment will be made at the event box office. Processing fees and any hotel or travel costs incurred will not be reimbursed. As a rule, tickets can be returned up to three working days before the event in question. The purchaser will be repaid the purchase price minus a cancellation / rebooking fee in the sum of €3.00 per ticket in the form of a voucher. Processing fees are not repaid. Tickets for performances at Christmas (25.12., 26.12.), New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and for the DomStufen Festival in Erfurt cannot be returned. Theater Erfurt or the event organiser reserves the right to alter the programme, the cast or the start time of the event without this creating the right to return tickets that have already been purchased. Claims for compensation due to material damage and physical injury and claims based on violation of contractual obligations are not allowed unless Theater Erfurt or the event organiser acted deliberately or with gross negligence. Theater Erfurt and the event organiser accept no liability for objects brought into events.

1.10 Admission
Once the event has started, out of consideration for the rest of the audience, visitors may only enter the auditorium or festival site and take their allocated seat if the manager of the event service allows it and under the manager's guidance. The manager of the event service can also refuse entry until the interval or prevent entry completely in the case of small venues. The ticket ceases to be valid when the ticket holder leaves the event venue.

1.11 Cloakroom and lost property
Coats and annoying objects may not be taken into the auditorium for safety reasons. The instructions given by event staff must be followed. Coats or objects which are damaged, lost or mixed up and the loss of a cloakroom token must be reported immediately to event staff. No liability is accepted for the cloakroom beyond the limits of the statutory claim. Complaints after leaving Theater Erfurt will not be accepted. Items of any type which are found must be handed to the event staff. The handling of lost property is in line with Sections 978 et seq. BGB (German Civil Code).

1.12 House rules
Theater Erfurt applies its house rules in all of its venues. In addition, the event and box office staff and other authorised persons are also entitled to apply these rules. They may issue instructions to leave the theatre, prohibit entry or take other suitable measures within the scope of these house rules. In particular, visitors may be ejected from performances if they disturb the performance, annoy other visitors or have violated the conditions of use in any other substantial way or repeatedly. Admission may be refused if there is a justified suspicion that the visitor will disrupt the performance or annoy other visitors. In such cases, the ticket price is not reimbursed. Visitors may only sit in the seat shown on the entrance ticket. If a visitor has taken a seat for which he has no valid ticket, Theater Erfurt can charge the difference or eject the visitor from the performance. Food and drink may not be taken into the auditorium and consumed there. To ensure that the performance runs smoothly, mobile telephones, electronic communication and information devices and acoustic or visual signalling devices must be switched off in the auditorium. Smoking throughout Theater Erfurt is basically forbidden, and animals are not allowed.

1.13 Data protection
The personal data of the ticket and voucher purchasers is collected, processed and used in an automated process in compliance with valid data protection legislation to the extent necessary for the execution of the contract. Theater Erfurt is entitled to use the saved data for the purposes of customer support. The purchaser of a ticket or voucher agrees to this with purchase of the ticket / voucher

2. Special provisions

2.1 Season tickets*
Season tickets are purchased subject to the General Terms of Business of Theater Erfurt through the signature of a season ticket contract. The contract is automatically extended by a season unless it is cancelled in writing by 15.04. of the current season. Requests for changes of seats can be submitted in writing until 15.04. of the current season. During the season, modification requests(e.g. subsequent claims for concessions, changes to the season ticket or to the season ticket seat) basically cannot be considered. The season ticket holder is issued with the season ticket invoice, with the detachable season ticket pass for a season. The season ticket pass entitles the season ticket holder to attend the events printed on it in the seat allocated. The season ticket holder makes payment using the method selected in the season ticket contract. Season ticket holders undertake to notify the season ticket office immediately of any changes of address or bank account details, quoting their customer number. If the season ticket holder cannot attend an event, he may, from the start of the season until no later than a day before the booked season ticket date, 2 p.m., notify his seats as being free and obtain a replacement voucher, on production of his season ticket pass, in return for a fee of €2.00. If entrance tickets are available, the season ticket holder can redeem the replacement voucher at the box office for a ticket to another of the theatre's own events. An upgrade to a higher seat or price category is possible if the additional amount is paid. If only a lower seat or price category is available for the replacement, the difference will not be reimbursed by Theater Erfurt. If the ticket was notified as vacant in one event, the season ticket holder has no claim to this seat in the substitute event. Replacement vouchers may not be carried over to the next season. Theater Erfurt offers no reimbursement for events not attended or for seats not reported as vacant in good time or for lapsed or lost replacement vouchers. Theater Erfurt is entitled, in exceptional cases, to move season ticket events to other days or times without this giving rise to any claim to repayment of the season ticket amount. If, for staging reasons, booked seats cannot be used, the season ticket office will change the seat allocation. Theater Erfurtwill make every effort to offer seats of equal value. We reserve the right to make changes to the season programme.

2.2 Flexible season tickets
Flexible season tickets are purchased subject to the General Terms of Business of Theater Erfurt. The total cost of the flexible season ticket is payable in one sum on purchase. The purchaser of the flexible ticket receives, for each flexible ticket purchased, flexible ticket vouchers in the required seat category which give an entitlement, per person and per flexible ticket, to attend three, four or five different of the theatre's own events in the current season. If tickets are available, the flexible ticket voucher is redeemed at the theatre box office for a ticket to the required event. For premieres, higher prices are charged, and o an additional payment is required. Seats can be changed to a higher seat category for an additional payment. If the flexible ticket voucher can only be redeemed for a lower seat group or price category, the difference is not reimbursed by Theater Erfurt. If an event that has already been booked cannot be attended, the ticket must be cancelled by no later than one working day before the event in question on payment of a cancellation / rebooking fee of €3.00 per ticket. No cash payment will be made – a voucher is issued which is valid until the end of the current season. Flexible season tickets are valid for a season. When the flexible season ticket voucher is redeemed, there is no claim to a particular event, a particular seat or a particular seat category. Theater Erfurt offers no reimbursement for tickets to events not attended or for expired or lost flexible season ticket vouchers.

2.3 Company season tickets
Company season tickets are purchased subject to the General Terms of Business of Theater Erfurt. The company season ticket is intended for companies and is not tied to particular people. It comprises at least six flexible tickets per company and is redeemed by the company in at least four different events of the theatre in the Main House per season. Seats and seat categories can be chosen freely for every event if available, but there is no right to a particular seat. If an event that has been booked cannot be attended, the ticket must be presented for cancellation up to three working days before the relevant event date. A cancellation / rebooking fee of €3.00 per ticket will be retained. No cash payment is made; a voucher is issued which is valid until the end of the current season. Theater Erfurt offers no reimbursement for tickets to events not attended.

2.4 TheaterCard
TheaterCards are sold at the theatre's box office at Theater Erfurt (entrance on Martinsgasse) and in the Erfurt Tourist Information office on Benediktsplatz. The TheaterCard is valid for a year from the date of issue and is not transferrable. It entitles the holder of the TheaterCard to purchase one ticket per event at a discount of up to 50% compared with the normal price or the holder of a reduced TheaterCard to purchase one ticket per event with up to 50% discount in comparison with the reduced normal price. The ticket plus TheaterCard and identity card must be presented on admission to the event.

2.5 Children's groups, school classes
Our special offers for children's groups and school classes can be booked by calling +49 361 22 33 255 or at To make a reservation, the required event, with number of tickets, reduction requirements and binding address including the name of the institution must be given. The delivery slip with the tickets will be sent to the required address. Tickets may be returned until 3 p.m. on the day before the event. Tickets are paid for by the due payment date on the invoice. One accompanying person is admitted free of charge per ten children or school pupils.

2.6 DomStufen Festival in Erfurt
The start of ticket reservations and sale is given in the monthly publications and website of Theater Erfurt and in the press. Tickets cannot be returned once purchased. The start of the event may be postponed due to weather conditions. If bad weather occurs during the event, Theater Erfurt will try, in the interest of its audience, to continue with the open-air event. The performance may be continued to the end in a concert version or in shortened form. If an ongoing event has to be stopped after running for at least 40 minutes, this service is deemed to have been provided and there is no claim to reimbursement of the ticket price or attendance at another event. If an event in Domplatz has to be cancelled du to bad weather, this basically happens at the event venue shortly before the start of the event. In this case, the ticket must be returned within five working days – quoting the address and bank details – to the ticket office (e.g. MGT, travel agency) from which it was purchased for reimbursement of the ticket price. Tickets purchased at Theater Erfurt must be sent to Theater Erfurt, Postfach 800554, 99031 ERFURT, GERMANY, or returned to the Visitor Service of Theater Erfurt, entrance on Martinsgasse. No repayment is made at the event location. Any hotel and travel costs or processing fees cannot be returned.

2.7 Theater Erfurt may apply other rules that differ from the above provisions.

The Terms of Business come into force on 27.07.2015.

The place of fulfilment and legal venue is Erfurt.

* The offer does not apply for guest performances, theatre lettings, special events, events at Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, the DomStufen Festival in Erfurt, family, children's and school events / concerts, guided tours, song recitals, chamber concerts and productions in the foyer and orchestral rehearsal rooms.